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Products  Industrial & Bakery  Cacao Butter Substitute - FUJI OIL (Singapore)

  25Kg/carton - produced from oil palm it is called  CBR, CBE, CBS …it has different melting temperature - used for producing chocolate and chocolate bar
  • CBI (Cocoa Butter Improver): - Palmy 200/400 made entirely from vegetable origin - Improved heat resistance ; Exellent copmpatibility with cocoa butter.
  • CBE (Cocoa Butter Equivalent): For moulding and enrobing ;  They will impart ideal properties to chocolate products such as excellent snappiness, sharp melting behaviour, good heat resistance and long shelf life.
  • CBR (Cocoa Butter Replacer): For moulding and enrobing ; Does not require tempering; Good resistance to cracking; Excellent compatibility with cocoa butter (up to 20%)
  • CBS (Cocoa Butter Substitute): - For moulding and enrobing -  Excellent melting behaviour; Good snap; Good stability against oxidation; Compatibility with cocoa butter (Up to 5% replaced).


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